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14 April 2007

The most cuddly German Sheperd in all the land...

My biggest boy...

You know when the phone rings in the middle of the night, and you start to sweat and freak out a bit?

This afternoon our Skype phone rang at a time when it normally doesn't, especially on a Saturday.

My stomach dropped when I saw that it was my Mom, and started to sweat and get that nasty pins and needles feeling all over.

She was okay, and had just woken up earlier than usual...

...But, it turns out that our German Sheperd, Czar, isn't doing very well.

Our poor little boy is only 6-years-old, but the vet thinks he has cancer...and that there's not much that they can do for him.

We knew something wasn't right when we were back home last month.

When a German Sheperd refuses hot dogs and all you can eat treats from your's truly, you know something isn't right.

However, no matter how much he doesn't want to eat, or enjoy the savory taste of Oscar Myer Weiners...

He just wants to play fetch with his ball.

He's relentless. Throw the ball once and you'll be playing for 6 hours straight. Only bad part is is that he gets too excited and doesn't quite get that whole "Drop it!" thing.

I think he chewed through 3 of these over-sized tennis balls while we were at my parent's house....

I've never had one of my pets get sick before.

It would be one thing if he were really old, or something happened...but cancer?

It absolutely breaks me heart that he is hurting. He's the sweetest fucking dog. He really is. He thinks he's about 4 breeds smaller than he is, and will come up and get as much of his body as he can in your lap, and lay his head on your stomach and cuddle.

His patience with my other two pain in the ass girl dogs is amazing.

...And whenever I come back home, he gives me these lovely stale, dog "OMG! Where have you BEEN ALL THIS TIME?!!?" kisses.

My heart just breaks for my Step-Dad. Czar was his long before he became ours. He raised him from a puppy, and I just wish I could be there for him now...

But...I'm just glad that I spent the extra moments with Czar while I was home.

Laying on the the hardwood floor with our heads together...his tail thumping against the wall.

Praying isn't really my thing, but if you could, please just send your positive thoughts and good vibes and happy Karma towards my little "Dar Dar" in California.

Eat a hot dog for him. (Or a tofu-dog. Every little bit helps.)

"Play with me? Play! Play! Plaaay!!!"


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