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15 December 2010

Coffee and Tea Me

Looking through all of the photos on my phone, it would appear as though the main thing I take a photo of is what I'm drinking, which is mainly coffee or tea. (OK, or beer.)

Here's a small collection of all of the teas and coffees I've nommed on over the past few months, starting with this chocolate dusted cappuccino from The Groning hotel:



Green tea
Green tea at Kulu Kulu sushi with Nik.


Latte at Ferdinand and Wells with Jai.

Bc latte

Morning latte at The Breakfast Club with Vikki.

Parga tea

Breakfast tea on our last day in Parga.

Market harbourgh coffee

Working remotely in Market Harbourgh.

All star lanes coffee

Morning tea at All Star Lanes for the giffgaff calendar shoot with Paul Clarke.

Mission tea

Tea at Mission's offices with Miss BangsandaBun.

Switzerland cappucino

Cappuccino at the Flims Laax Falera ski resort in Switzerland.

Switzerland coffee

After dinner coffee at Tegia Larnags in Switzerland.

Tnl coffee  

My reunion with a Toffee Nut Latte at Starbucks.

Nordic coffee  

A "rustic" oatmeal cookie and filter coffee with Laetitia at the Nordic Bakery.

All images © Cate Sevilla


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I have a similar collection on my iPhone, I'm happy to know I have a buddy with the same documenting addiction! Next time one of my friends makes fun of me, I'll tell him/her it's a TREND ;)

What a fab idea for a blog post {forgive me for I may steal!} a look through my phone shows two things too...drinks and the dog. I really need to get a life in 2011 x

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