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28 September 2011

Save Confidential!


Today, the BBC announced it was axing Doctor Who Confidential. Which is only, like, the best behind-the-scenes show ever. Maybe of all time. 

Confidential lets you in on all the secrets of Doctor Who, has excellent interviews with the cast, and basically gives you an idea of the all the work (and crazy hours) that go in to creating Doctor Who.

If you saw last week's episode, you recognize the AMAZING screen grab from above where Matt Smith and James Corden lose their minds while filming at 3am, and start recording their own Doctor Who scenes, complete with recreating the theme song. <3 <3 <3 <3

But, fangirl shrieking aside, I think I can help confidential in 3 easy steps. BBC, I hope you are listening. (Even though I know you are probably not.) (OR ARE YOU?!)

How to Save Doctor Who Confidential

1) Reduce to 20 minutes

As amazing as the information on the show is, sometimes it feels very stretched out and as though they are really hurting for content. We do not need a 10 minute commentary on how funny that one scene that James Corden did in the lingerie department that was actually almost entirely cut from the episode was. Reduce the time they need to fill and the quality will go up. There, BBC. There's your PRECIOUS TIME SLOT CUT HALF.

2) Scrap the ridiculous song choices

Confidential has an embarrassing habit of choosing a song to play during a scene because it uses a lyric that matches what they're talking about. For example, say they're playing poker in a scene, and they'll play "Poker Face". This is embarrassing and needs to stop, Confidential. 

3) Give us more of the cast

While it's great to hear Steven Moffat talk about how brilliant he is or see Piers and Beth looking annoyed as to why they need to be interviewed again  - what we really want is to see Karen Gillan goofing around, Matt Smith singing the theme tune and Alex Kingston trying on a fez. Give them all video diaries! Lock them in a room and see what happens! Either way, it will be HILARIOUS. Why wait until James Corden is a  guest star to give Matt Smith his own camcorder?

Also, sign the petition. Or write a sternly written letter. Retweet this blog post! I'm sure it will help.



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I hate to say it - that isn't fangirl shrieking. The first three paragraphs are that of a 14 year old girl.

As a massive fangirl of Doctor Who myself, I quite like Confidential - but I agree it needs to be shorter... I think it her screaming like a girl constantly degrades the show where before when it was about the constructs of the story and actual behind the scenes was so much better.

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