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14 May 2012

The last 5 months...


Apparently it's damn near June and I've barely said two words here, on this poor blog that I birthed nearly six years ago (SIX) and has had to deal with months of abandonment. I'm a bad blog mom. 

However, this isn't through lack of doing things. 2012 has been a really, really odd year for me. Odd, as in amazing, but still rather odd. 

It started in a wine bar in London, where I stood drunk on Prosecco and cheese, weeping at the Fireworks and telling myself (along with everyone else) that this would be MY year. Two hours later I was chased out of the bar by a meowing staff member, but that's another story...

A few weeks later, I stood up in front of a group of Very Important Media and PR folks, and showed them this:

Pop Hive - Frequently Asked Questions from Pop Hive on Vimeo.

I also screened the first episode of Pop Hive for them, and the entire time I thought I was either going to choke or pee. Thankfully, they liked it.

I spent the next two months running around like a complete insane person. The Pop Hive was my entire life, and when I wasn't filming, I was peeling off false eyelashes and staring at clips, or writing my script, or dropping images into Sony Vegas, trying not to delete entire episodes as I was doing so.

A lot of days (and nights), I looked like this:


I've also spent a lot of time this year in pubs. Pubs are my friend, and luckily, my friends like pubs, too. Here we are doing the pub quiz at the Duke of York in Surbiton - we came in 16th and still won a cash prize. HOW YOU LIKE THEM APPLES?!


In the run up to our "holiday" in California with my family, Iain and I worked pretty damn hard. So hard, that 4:30am went from being just an acquaintance to our roommate that we let drink  straight out of the milk carton because we were THAT tight. 

Let's just say that we were tired. We were tired, but the Pop Hive looked AMAZE. We had amazing guests like Vikki and Angel, plus, Stylist Magazine loved us! And Emerald Street loved us! And JOY came on board as our Style Partner, and were happy to dress me for the show! GOOD TIMES.

Over in California, we hit the slopes. Well, I hit the Blue Moon, first...


And then I hit the slopes.


Skiing this time around for me was absolutely amazing. Iain took a lot of time refreshing my memory on how to ski, and then focused on how to stop me from being a BIG FAT BABY. It takes a lot for me to not think I'm going to fall off the mountain and die, but by the end of my second day skiing, I was going down a big blue run and really enjoying it. 

I won't go into all of the ins and outs of why (because you can read that over on the Pop Hive hiatus page) but while we were in California, despite the beer and the skiing, we had to make a big decision about Pop Hive. Ultimately, we decided to put it on indefinite hiatus, which is still something I'm coming to terms with a bit, because as much as it was my decision and something I know was the right decision to do...I miss it. And I miss doing interviews like this:

Pop Hive: Episode 4 from Pop Hive on Vimeo.

We got back from California on the 2nd of April, and ever since that Easter weekend, we have been working on a HUGE domestic project: clearing out Iain's family home. Iain's family (finally) sold the house and property where Iain and his brothers grew up, and we've spent every single waking hour at the weekends since April 7th sorting everything out. 


We cleared out the loft, the garage, the workshop, the kitchen...everything. The entire house. 20+ years of memories and belongings and boxes and loveletters and stuffed animals and old sneakers - let me tell you, it was hard work. Emotionally and physically. However, this last Tuesday the house officially sold, so it was a job well done! And we finally have our weekends back!

Somewhere in between all of the house drama, freelancing at various places and trying to get my life in order, I also tried spinning. I've only been twice because I got really, really ill last week and had to miss Cybher and cancel a bunch of meetings - but I LOVE IT. 

Spinning is the hardest thing I've ever physically done, but I love it. I love the music, I love the sweat, I love that my face is red for an hour afterwards...it's hardcore. And I feel like a badass when I'm done - to the point where I scoff at the yoga studio when I hobble past post-spinning. 

PHEW. So there is my big catch-up for the year.

Stay tuned where tomorrow (yes, seriously) where I talk about what I'm doing next...


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