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27 November 2012

November Can Suck It

SickpostOn October 21st I completed the most fantastic achievement of my life, fitness wise. 

In the following weeks I went on a couple of bike rides, I went to spin class. I also went to pilates and discovered how fantastic it would be for my core, where I'm really lacking strength. 

Then, while out celebrating firework night, I noticed that I had a small stye in my eye.  A STYE. Only gross kids in third grade get styes! Then I had stomach ache and my body felt generally rundown, so I took this as a clue to stop training so much and let my body heal. (My eye is fine now, thank you for asking.)

And then my sinuses started playing up. And then I was exhausted. And then I was fine! And then I was exhausted! And then I was fine! And then Iain got a chest infection, and then I started feeling horrible, but then I felt fine! And now, after thinking my sinus problems were going away and that I could clear my cold with holistic sea salt sprays and then be fine, I can hear what I think is about two tons of phlegm rattling away in my lungs.

This means that I am most definitely not fine and that I need to go to my GP and get some antibiotics as I obviously have some sort of sinus/chest/respiratory infection. (I'm currently waiting for their hour and a half long lunch break to finish so I can then all and book an appointment.)

This is really great timing considering I'm meant to be doing some altitude cycling training and am going on a cycling holiday in two weeks. 

I've basically spent all of November half-healthy, but not healthy enough to be able to ride my bike or train as much as I like. I swear I can feel my muscles shrinking as I type this, and any cardio fitness I built up slowly withering away with each cough. 

Is there anyone else out there suffering from the same crap? 

It seems to me all fitness magazines are like "use antibac gel and you'll be fine to cycle throughout all of winter!" or "KEEP CYCLING NO MATTER WHAT" and I'm like OH MY GOD I CAN'T BECAUSE I'M SICK GOD HELP ME.

I just want to be able to ride my bike. It's bad enough with the weather being like this, but adding phlegm on top of it is even worse. 


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