02 August 2011

Train Stops & Hairspray


It's been over a month since I updated this, and I apologize for those of you with Unicorn phobias that had to stare at my My Little Pony photos for a whole month. That was irresponsible of me!

Ever since I landed back in London, things have been pretty busy - but the good kind of busy where I get to do things that I genuinely love. Which is pretty awesome. 

The week of July 18, the V-Team, the team from Very.co.uk and a gaggle of models and fabulous hairstylists all travelled around doing V-Team Style Academies for Very.co.uk customers in Bristol, Brighton, and London.

With, as promised, the V-Team Van. 



 The van was, quite frankly, amazing. It even blasted the A-Team theme song. I KNOW. It was almost too much.

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27 June 2011

Nautical Cool

It's been hot here in Sacramento. Like, so hot that my poor, pale, skin that has become so used to the rare English sun, feels like it might actually burst in to flames whenever I sit in direct sunlight. 

It's quite sad for someone who lived in California for 20 years. 

In preparation for the Sacramento heat (I almost wrote Sac Heat there, but that sounds too much like "sack heat" which would be any entirely different blog post...) I purchased a handful of midi-skirts, t-shirts and tank tops that are proving to be ever-so useful.

This cute little combination kept me cool, and feeling quite cute. 

Top, H&M / Skirt, New Look / Sunglasses, Boutique by Jaeger / Flip-flops c/o my Mom!

13 June 2011

My 'Very' Exciting News

5828209004_9b8f50b73a_z At last I can share with y'all the terribly exciting secret thing I've been working on - and that's my new role as the Tech Expert for Very.co.uk's V-Team!

The V-Team (kind of like the A-Team with better hair and clothes) is made up of 4 experts, including fashion stylist Kirsty Drury,  interior stylist Sally Cullen, make-up artist Gini Bogado, and myself! The V-Team will be offering 1-to-1 style/beauty/tech/home advice to Very.co.uk's Facebook friends, and we'll even be going on a nifty mini-tour where we'll be hosting Style Academies in Bristol (19), Brighton (20) and London (21), and even hitting the streets to do "on the spot" makeovers and dish out advice. We'll also be giving out goodies, so keep your eye out for us and our V-Team van. Yes, that's right, our V-TEAM VAN.

Over the last few weeks we've done photoshoots, and a couple of days filming with the lovely Fearne Cotton - the video of which will hopefully be put live soon. It's super cute! 

I've been dying to share this with everyone simply because I had so much fun doing the photoshoot and filming, and considering I usually tweet the shit out of everything, not being able to share stories from the shoots and even the news that I had been asked to join the V-Team was really hard. But, alas, I can now shout it from the rooftops. 

IMG00533-20110518-1508At the first photo shoot.

IMG00537-20110519-1026On the first day of filming

Have a tech question for me? 

Give me a shout over on Very.co.uk's Facebook page!

(Fancy  joining the V-Team and earning a £50k salary? Check out my post on BitchBuzz to find out more details!)

12 June 2011

Let Her Eat Cake

The past two weeks have been incredibly, incredibly marvellous. Honestly. I feel like a different person, in the best possible way. Aside from a new dedication to really seriously strengthen my body so I can run that 10k (I'm doing 13 stretches a day, plus special - painful - exercises, people!) I feel like I have direction, and a clear vision of what I really, really want. And, even better, I know that I have a little group of fabulous people running along side me, pushing, encouraging, and championing me on to succeed. 

But! Before I go on and talk about some of the fantastic things I have going on at the moment, I wanted to share some photos of my birthday last week with you!

First up, I went to the Doctor Who Experience, and OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. I mean, just look at my face:

  Cate Whogasm

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02 June 2011

Birthday Girl

Today I am 26-years-old.

I have red hair, a (brilliant, talented, fantastic) man that loves me and the world at my manicured fingertips. I am a beautiful work in progress.

Love and happiness comes from within. They come from the inside out - not the other way around, and I can truly say that today, and as I write this, I am a happy woman. That’s quite a nice thing to be able to write honestly.

So far, 26 is looking pretty good. If each year of my life were a wine, I have a feeling some day in the future I’ll be able to say, “Oh yes, the 26. That’s a good one.” Hopefully it will taste like PURE MOTHERFUCKING GOLD. 

There’s coffee, a TARDIS and tequila in my future today, and I couldn’t be happier. And as today is my day, I dedicate this song to myself. Because I can.

She's just an American 
Ridin' a dream 

And she's got rainbow syrup
In her heart that she bleeds

She don't care if your papers
Or your love is the law
She's a free soul burning roads
With a flag in her bra

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