22 September 2011

Oh, Lisbeth....

MSN have just released an exclusive new trailer for the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Now, I've written before about how much the fact that this film is even being made irks me, and while this trailer is less dramatic and obscure than the first one we saw, I'm still not convinced. 

While, if you forget about Noomi Rapace and the original Swedish films for 3:43, it looks like an interesting film. However, let us discuss some glaringly obvious problems from this trailer:

1) Daniel Craig sounds like he's English. Wasn't everyone in this film meant to be speaking English but with a Swedish accent? I mean, they're Swedish in the book and, oh yeah, the movie is filmed IN SWEDEN, so therefore they should SOUND Swedish, NON?

2) This trailer puts much more emphasis on Daniel Craig's character than it does Lisbeth Salander, who comes across as being a bit more meek and vulnerable than Noomi Rapace's version of Lisbeth does. Perhaps in the film she'll surprise us all and be amazing, but even from this trailer I don't feel that Mara Rooney has enough presence. 

3) What is with her HAIR!?

16 September 2011

Jane Eyre

Two weekend ago I finished Jane Eyre. I started reading it on Monday at lunch, and it was finished by Saturday afternoon. I was a woman obsessed. Never had I read a classic novel with such fervour - the only time I've ever been able to read a Jane Austen novel back to front is when it had been edited to include Zombies. 

However, the story of Jane Eyre was all encompassing. The language was difficult to get through sometimes, but the humour and the untimely strength in Jane was enthralling, I couldn't put it down. Staying up reading Jane Eyre on my Kindle in the dead of night, silently weeping as I read through that scene by the chestnut tree is now one of the best reading memories I have. 

I went to go see the film yesterday evening, with little hope of it living up to the grand novel. And I'm torn.

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15 September 2011

Body & Soul

I've not much to say about Amy Winehouse, other than the fact that her passing has made me incredibly sad. So sad, that I still tear up when I hear her voice on the radio, or  when "Back to Black" is played at a festival in between acts, and the crowd immediately stops talking to sing along as loud as they can, purely out of respect. 

I inevitably think of her every morning when I put on my eyeliner. I had never worn liquid eyeliner before Amy revealed her new look in 2006, and it wasn't until I was sitting in an editorial meeting one morning and someone mocked how she looked, that I realized that I quite liked her style - her disheveled and large beehive, her over-the-top eyeliner and garishly bright lipstick.

She was different, and it didn't matter if people didn't like her style because god damnit, the woman could sing.

I've loved Tony Bennett since my Uncle Mark gave my Mom a copy of his album Steppin' Out back in for her birthday in 1994. I'd listen to it over and over again in my room - and to hear Amy and Tony's voices mixing together on what would turn out to be one of her final recordings is something very, very special.

Here's to you, Amy. 

30 August 2011

The Fickleness of Torchwood

Before "Miracle Day", I had never watched Torchwood. I've seen all of the references and tie-ins with Doctor Who, but I had never sat down and watched an episode of the John Barrowmen fronted spin-off. 

However, without knowing what I was watching, I sat down and watched the first 5 minutes of Torchwood: Miracle Day, and I was immediately hooked. Mekhi Phifer? His name is in the lyrics for "Lose Yourself"! Bill Pullman? He's the god damn President in Independence Day! Some hot ginger lady running around in nice coat, John Barrowman's even nicer coat, and Gwen firing off a loaded gun whilst her baby is cradled in her arms wearing ear muffs?


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29 August 2011

I Know Nothing

"But the difference with Jo Calderone and say, Sasha Fierce, is that Lady Gaga does not acknowledge that she is Jo Calderone. Apparently, Jo works as a mechanic. Jo is "fresh". He takes Gaga out on dates, he is not her. (So, I doubt Calderone will be making an "in the flesh" appearance at the VMAs tomorrow.)"

Those would be my words from Saturday night. In summary, I know nothing, and I should learn to never try and predict what Lady Gaga will or will not do.

The MTV VMAs don't air in the UK until 9pm tonight, and once I've seen the actual show and the acceptance speeches I'll have more to say in this mind blowing Jo Calderone business, but until then, just...HOT DAMN. 

Image via MTV

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