28 February 2011

Talking Glasses with Gok

GW collection

Last week Gok Wan's new collection for Specsavers launched, and I had a chance to sit down with the man himself to talk glasses and fashion. He's a lovely dude and his glasses collection is seriously amazing!

Check out my interview with Gok on BitchBuzz Style!

31 January 2011

Want: Fantasy Date Night Outfit

On a trip to Paperchase last week, I was overwhelmed by their intense Valentine's Day displays. There were cat food bowls, chopsticks, candels, heck, there was even a waste-basket. 

But the strange thing was, I kinda dug it. Like, a lot. (There will be a post from featuring cute heart-shaped stuff for your home on BitchBuzz Home later today, in fact. Ahem.)

And then I started seeing other heart-shaped goodness online - skirts, bracelets, etc - and I became mildly obsessed. So obsessed, that I've put together my dream Valentine's Day "Date Night" outfit. Despite the fact that I am not a fan of Valentine's Day, and that Iain and I would rather stay home watching Star Wars eating homemade pizza than going to dinner and a movie on February 14th. 

But, in a fantasy world where I don't hate Valentine's Day - this is what I'd wear.

Cupcate want
Antique White Silk Swing Shirt, Topshop

Heart Bracelet, H&M

Pin-Up Pendent, ASOS

Amour Ring, ASOS

Knitted Heart Skirt, ASOS

Change of Heart Purse, ModCloth



30 December 2010

Treats Galore!

Is the Crimbo Limbo driving anyone else a little bit nuts?

I know I shouldn't complain about having time at home to relax, but I'm going a bit stir crazy. Moreso because I have so many things that I want to get started on, and I suppose I'm sort of waiting for normal life to resume, so I can test out everything.

At the moment, all I'm testing out is the orange Roses, and to be honest, I'm not even sure I like them all that much.

So, in amongst the watching of Dave, end-of-the-year talking head shows and learning way too much about Cheryl Cole - I've been enjoying the lovely, lovely gifts I was given this Christmas.

Here are a few of my favorite bits and bobs given to me by my fam.

Kindle cup

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22 December 2010

Mix Me

Kitchen pink
I'm not even sure how to describe all of the different reasons and ways I want this KitchenAid Mixer. In pink.

But oh dear god do I ever.

16 December 2010

O! To Feel My Toes

I am quite bored of not being able to feel my toes. I try doubling up on socks, wearing shoes, etc, but nothing seems to be a match for my poor circulation and drafty flat.

Therefore, after spotting a pair of these Tall Eskimo Boots from Mou on Miggy in Switzerland - I'd like nothing more than a pair of these babies.

At the moment, they seem to be the only answer to the two blocks of ice that make up my feet. And, they're far better looking than Uggs.

Tall eskimo boot - Mou Footwear_1292492653117

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